Having the best bodyboard fins is a crucial aspect of riding waves. Hence it is mandatory that you find the best bodyboard fins for you to have fun and safe experience. But what do you need to look for to be sure you’re getting a board with the best fins? There are many factors you need to take into account when purchasing a pair of bodyboarding fins: sizing, material, durability, stiffness, and flow.

Factors To Consider When Looking For Good Bodyboarding Fins

Fin Sizing

Bodyboarding fins used to only come in three sizes, S-L. Fortunately for all of us, that is no longer the case because having the right size fins can make the difference between having a great bodyboarding session or an unsuccessful one. A fin that is too small can cut off your circulation and a fin that is too large will stop you from getting the kind of power you need to bodyboard. Your shoe size is a good place to start when selecting fins but keep in mind that some may run slightly smaller or larger depending on the brand.

Best Fin Material

  • Rubber: This is a very common material and you’ll find a lot of fins made out of rubber. Rubber is durable, flexible, and it floats on water. This means that even if the fin comes off, there’s a lower chance you’ll lose it since it will stay above water where you can see it.
  • Silicone: This will give you the most comfortable fit. Silicone is also durable like rubber but it is more flexible. Unlike rubber, silicone does sink but if you really want a pair of silicone fins you can purchase “fin savers” to keep from losing them.

Durability Of Your Bodyboard Fins

Bodyboarding fins can be an expensive investment, depending on what brand you choose and what materials the fins are made out of. You don’t want to have to buy another pair after only a few months of use. You want a pair that will ideally last you 3-5 years before you need to purchase a new set of fins. Low-quality fins with low durability can be potentially dangerous as you risk them ripping and keeping you from avoiding getting caught in a wave.

Additional Factors Of The Best Bodyboarding Flippers To Consider


Harder fins can respond more quickly and give you better control. However, more flexible ones are preferred by some bodyboarders due to them being more comfortable. Whatever you choose depends on your personal preferences regarding control and comfort.

Flow and Drive

You need a pair of the best bodyboard fins that will hold up in the water and allow you to have the best bodyboarding experience possible. The fins need to perform well when you’re in the water as this allows you to have better control while riding a wave. Your fins also need to have a good flow while you’re under the water and when you get out of the water. Nobody wants to be bogged down by fins that are full of water so many fins have to drain holes or channels to keep water out.

Good Bodyboarding Fins NEED Power

You need a lot of power to ride a wave. Sometimes your bare feet are just not enough to get out of a tough wave. Nobody wants to get trapped in rough waters or become injured because they couldn’t fight against a wave or get out of a rough area in time. The size and shape of a fin will determine how much power and control it has. Larger fins tend to be more powerful but you need to be careful because if a fin is too large for you, you won’t have any control over it and it will be difficult to use. Having more power in your fins allows you to have more control so you can have an enjoyable, safe bodyboarding session.

Conclusion Of The Best Bodyboard Fins

Many factors go into choosing a pair of bodyboarding fins. Fins should help you, not hinder you, to bodyboard in a way that is both fun and safe. If you’ve never purchased a pair of bodyboarding fins before, find a store where you can try a few pairs on and ask an expert. This will help you to find the perfect pair for you.

How to Choose the Best Bodyboard Fins