Saltwater Trolling Motors and Fishing

You had a grueling week, and you freaked out. You want to cool off. What’s better than moving off to the nearest water body and start fishing? You had always been a fishing enthusiast. You just took your fishing rod and spent hours at your favorite pastime.

However, fishing isn’t easy. It is strenuous. You need to have the proper equipment else your entire effort may go waste. Fishing requires precision. Your boat should hold its place against a strong wind or current. This is where great trolling motors come into use.

Trolling motors – What are they?
A trolling motor consists of an electric motor, propeller and controls that are fitted into the boat. Depending on the type of trolling motor, it may be installed at the bow or the stern. They are usually lifted from the water to reduce drag when the primary engine is on. It is used as a secondary method of propulsion and provides auxiliary power to maneuver the boat and allow you to cast your bait where you feel convenient.

Types of Trolling Motors
Trolling motors can be of different types.
Bow mount trolling motors: It pulls the boat through the water and steering is more precise. If you are looking for precision, this one is your best bet. There is a broader range of control options; viz. hand, foot, remote-based, etc. It gives better boat control and has more control options.
However, these are expensive and difficult to install. A flat deck is necessary along with room to fit it in the front of the boat.  Imagine taking them out here.

Transom mount trolling motors: These motors are suitable for smaller boats and easier to install. You can learn a lot more through these reviews.  It can easily be mounted on the stern with a clamp. You can operate comfortably from the back of the boat and does not eat up space in the boat. So, it is the motor of choice for smaller boats. Moreover, they are cheaper due to their more straightforward design.  Learn more here.

Engine mount trolling motors: They are mounted on the cavitation plate of an outside motor. The boat can be steered by the outward motor as the trolling motor is mounted directly on it. The thrust and motor direction are controlled by a remote. It saves a lot of space but is more challenging to control than the bow mount or transom motors. They are more expensive.

Types of trolling motor batteries
You need to consider a few parameters while selecting the battery. There are two types of deep-cycle 12 V trolling motor batteries: Lead Acid Wet-Cell & AGM Batteries.
Lead Acid Wet-Cell – They can handle frequent draining and re-charging associated with trolling motors use.
AGM Batteries – They are completely sealed, generally last longer on a charge and have a longer life-span.
Few tips on batteries
•You should not mingle battery types. Never mix old batteries with new ones.
•Charge batteries after each use
•Check terminal connectors for signs of corrosion periodically
•Store batteries in a cool, dry place…