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(UPDATED: 12/15/2014)


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Zone 1 
Coaracy Nunes Filho (BRA)
Luis Leiva Perez (CHI)
Zone 2
Errol Clarke (BAR)
Ismael Gonzalez (GUA)
Zone 3
Fernando Canales (USA)
Steve McFarland (USA)
Zone 4 
Brian Johnson (CAN)
William Shaw (CAN)
Following the election of the Executive Committee the following members were elected Officers of the Executive Committee:
UANA President Coaracy Nunes Filho (Zone 1)

UANA Secretary/Treasurer Fernando Canales (Zone 3)
Vice President William Shaw (Zone 4)
Vice President Errol Clarke  (Zone 2)
UANA PRESIDENTS: Coaracy Nunes FILHO, (BRA) 2011-2015;  Eldon GODFREY, (CAN) 2007-2011, Orban MENDOZA (PUR) 2003-2007; Carol ZALESKI (USA) 2002-2003; Jerry OLSON (USA) 1999-2002; Dr. Julio MAGLIONE (URU) 1995-1999; Bruce Rogers (CAN) 1991-1995; Dr. Manuel DE JESUS (PUR) 1987-1991; Dr. John BOGERT (USA) 1983-1987; Dr. E. Allan HARVEY (CAN) 1979-1983; Honorary Life-President: Lic Javier Ostos MORA (MEX)
HONORARY UANA LIFE PRESIDENT:  Eldon GODFREY, (CAN) 2007-2011, Orban MENDOZA (PUR) 2003-2007; Carol ZALESKI (USA) 2002-2003; Dr. Manuel DE JESUS (PUR) 1987-1991
UANA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 2011-2015: UANA PRESIDENT: Coaracy NUNES FILHO, (BRA), Honorary Secretary-Treasurer is Fernando CANALES (USA) , Vice President William SHAW (CAN); Vice President Errol CLARKE (BAR), Brian JOHNSON (CAN); Steve MCFARLAND (USA), Ismael GONZALEZ (GUA), Luis LEIVA PEREZ (CHI)

Immediate Past President:
Special Assistant to the UANA President:
UANA International Relations Officer: 
UANA Media Officer:
UANA TECHNICAL SWIMMING COMMITTEE (TSC): Chair Bill HOGAN (CAN), Secretary Jay THOMAS (USA), Raul ARAYA (ARG), Juan Carlos ORIHUELA (PAR), Sonia O'NEAL (BAR), Jose DE JESUS (PUR), Bruce STRATTON (USA), Dan THOMPSON (CAN), Athlete Representative:  Mike Brown (CAN), Executive Committee Liaison: Errol CLARKE (BAR).
Secretary Jorge DELGADO (ECU),  Chantal VAN KEEKIN FREDERIK (ECU), Tomas HACES (CUB), Gladys Mejia GARCIA (ESA), Rick WALKER (USA), Pierre LAFONTAINE (CAN), Ron JACKS (CAN),  Athlete Member: Kalyn Robinson (USA) - Executive Committee Liaison Ismael GONZALEZ (GUA)
UANA TECHNICAL DIVING COMMITTEE (TDC):  Chair Kathy SEAMAN (CAN), Secretary Felix CALDERON (PUR), Ricardo DURAN (CHI), Christina RIOS (COL),  Ricardo Bañuelos (MEX), Jim STILLSON (USA), Colleen "Cokey" Huffman (USA), Gordon PETERSON (CAN), Athlete Member:  Emily Heymans (CAN) - Executive Committee Liaison Steve MCFARLAND (USA)
UANA TECHNICAL SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING COMMITTEE (TSC):  Chair Rose CODY (PUR), Secretary Heather ARCHER (CAN), Ana Maria LOBO  (BRA), Victoria MONTEDONICO (URU), Patricia Norma VILLA (MEX), Barbara MCNAMEE (USA), Charlotte DAVIS (USA), Leslie SPROULE (CAN), Athlete Member: Laura Montes (PUR), - Executive Committee Liaison Brian JOHNSON (CAN)
UANA TECHNICAL WATER POLO COMMITTEE (TWPC):  Chair Roberto CABRAL (BRA), Secretary Manuel DE JESUS (PUR), Guillermo PACHECO (PER), Maximiliano AGUILAR (MEX), Jim CULLINGHAM (USA), Takeshi INOUE (USA), Neil MUIR (CAN), Rick VALOUCHE (CAN), Athlete Member:  Marina Cantina (BRA) - Executive Committee Liaison Bill Shaw (CAN)
UANA MASTERS COMMITTEE (TMC): Chair Mel GOLDSTEIN (USA), Luis MANRIQUE (VEN), Carlos Roberto DA SILVA (BRA), Sebastian PADDINGTON (TRI), Andy KNOWLES (BAH), Dr. James MILLER (USA), Ed EVELLY (CAN), Dorothy PAGET (CAN), Athlete Member:  David Morrill (VEN) - Executive Committee Liaison Luis LEIVA PEREZ (CHI)
UANA ZONE I: (12) South America Swimming Confederation - Francisco Javier Lopez Chaves (COL) 
CONSANAT Members:  Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia. Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Uruguay, Venezuela
CONSANAT EXECUTIVE (2010-2014):  President Francisco Javier Lopez Chaves (COL); First Vice President Washington Beltran Storace (URU);  Second Vice President Jorge Delgado Panchana (ECU); Secretary -Treasurer Lester Raul Fiorillo Baptiste (COL)
UANA ZONE II: Central American & Caribbean Amateur Swimming Confederation - President Errol Clarke; 
CCCAN Members:  (26) Antigua-Baruba,  Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica, El Salvador, Grenada, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago, Virgin Islands.
CCCAN Executive:  President Errol Clarke (BAR), Secretary John Eyre (JAM), Treasurer Dr. Mariana Lopez (PAN), Vice President Lilliam Jacobs De Solano (DOM), Vice President Algernon Cargill (BAH), Vice President Waulter Soto Felix (CRC).  Honorary President Orban Mendoza (PUR)
UANA ZONE III: USA – United States Aquatic Sports (USAS)
USAS OFFICERS:  Jim Wood, President; Steve McFarland, Vice President;  William Smith, Vice President;  Laurette Longmire, Secretary;  Tom Boak, Treasurer
UANA ZONE IV:  CAN - Aquatics Canada
AQUATICS CANADA OFFICERS 2011-2013:  President Lisa Schott, President;  Vice President Kelly Stark Anderson;  Vice President Frank Meunier,  Vice President David de ViiegerDavid de Vlieger,  Secretary Mario Welsh 


Established in 1948 in London, England during the 1948 Olympic Games, UANA exists for the purpose of unifying the aquatic activities in the Americas into a single regional and international organization.
UANA is a not-for profit organization. UANA is recognized as a “continental” body by FINA (Federation Internationale de Natation) under that organizations Constitution Clause 14.1.
UANA membership for governance purposes comprises four (4) zones:
Zone 1 – South America
Zone 2 – Central America
Zone 3 – United States of America
Zone 4 – Canada
Every four (4) years, on the occasion of the Pan American Games the members of the zones meet and elect an Executive Committee to conduct the affairs of UANA for the forthcoming four (4) years period.
Article 33 of the UANA Constitution and By-Laws provides that the office of President shall be rotated in a specified order every quadrennial and further provides the rotation of the office of Hon. Secretary-Treasurer.
For the Quadrennial 2011 – 2015 the President is Coaracy Nunes Filho (BRA) (Zone 1) and the Hon. Secretary-Treasurer is Fernando Canales (USA) (Zone 3). In the quadrennial 2015 – 2019, a representative of the United States of America (Zone 3) will preside and a representative from Central America (Zone 2) will fulfill the role of secretary-treasurer.
At present, thirty-eight (38) national aquatic sports governing bodies are members of UANA by virtue of their membership in FINA and association with one of the four (4) zones of UANA.
Article 40 of the UANA Constitution and By-Laws provides that the Hon. Secretary-Treasurer shall maintain custody of the UANA records, funds and property. The sole tangible asset of UANA is US dollars, cash held in a bank account; accordingly, the situs of the bank account moves to the jurisdiction of the Hon. Secretary-Treasurer every four (4) years.
UANA derives its income from membership dues of US$100 per annum per national federation and US$200 per annum per zone. In addition FINA has, in recent years, remitted to UANA any membership dues which it collects on an annual basis from its members who fall within the “continent” of the Americas.
UANA receives, on a quadrennial basis, a contribution from PASO/ODEPA in respect of the participation of its member federations in the Pan American Games.
UANA endeavors to develop the aquatic sports throughout the Americas by assisting in the hosting of regional championships (eg UANA Pan American Junior Women’s Water Polo Championship and other such events) and by conducting clinics and other educational seminars throughout the Americas.
UANA has no paid employees. All services to the membership are provided voluntarily by the Executive Committee and members of the several standing Technical Committees. Payment of expenses and per diem allowances may be paid from time to time to persons who travel and conduct clinics and other educational seminars.
Coaracy Nunes Filho
President of UANA
UANA HISTORY: Incorporated during the London Olympic Games on August 8, 1948 the founders of Amateur Swimming Union of the Americans (ASUA) included Lic. Javier Ostos MORA (MEX) Honorary President of both FINA & ASUA. The organization is presently known as UANA (Union Amateur de Natacion) and was formerly known as AMATEUR UNION OF THE AMERICAS (ASUA) and the UNION AMERICANA de NATACION (UANA)