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                                                                      Post UANA Executive Meeting Report

First I welcome back to Ana Maria Lobo on behalf of the whole committee. She is replacing the appointee from Bolivia who resigned.  We are looking forward to working together for the 4 years ahead of all of us.

Puerto Rico presented their bid for the 2013 UANA Championships.  TSSC Members all will be receiving a copy of our bidding process as we wait for confirmation from the Executive so we can start planning with enough time.

The Executive approved Athletes Representative for all the Committees; they put a clause, the representatives have to be from the same country as the Chair of each committee.  Not an easy job for the chairs.

The Executive were as worried as we are not having any response from the 2012 Cali Organizing Committee.  Fernando Canales will be in communication with them by telephone and mail giving them until May 22 to answer and sending the summons for the competition (2012 UANA Pan Am Synchronized Swimming Championships).

A new template will be done for bidding process and also for the contracts.

The new web page is already available.  Chairs had to name a person from their committee to be the liaison with the web master - I have named Heather Archer as our liaison.  Any content from our committee for posting is to go through Heather.

At a meeting with Canada and the USA we discussed presenting UANA proposals to the FINA rules.  The deadline for proposals is Nov. 26th but we should have any proposals ready by September to present as the UANA family.  As I
am very busy with meets in El Salvador, Aruba and then Masters in Riccione I have designated Heather (as our secretary) to be in charge on this task with Barbara's assistance.  Synchro Canada has offered access to their
teleconference conference line.   Bryan will be helping us as our liaison a great deal. We must keep him in the loop for all our correspondence.

We have to check the swimming schedules to avoid conflict between meets.

The proposal  for the Coaches school was very well accepted by the Executive.  Brian will be the person to give follow up with the executive.







2011 UANA Pan American Championships

Meeting August 16, 2011






 In attendance:  Judy, Heather, Ana Maria, Victoria, Ana, Patricia, Charlotte, Barbara, Leslie
 Rose delayed by one day.  Heather chaired the meeting with support from all members.




  1. Review of competition arrangements; TSSC Duties – Leslie, Charlotte, Victoria, Ana, Ana Maria, and Patricia developed an assignment schedule for the assistant referee, last call room, technical assistant, etc. for the competition.  Judy, Barbara and Heather developed the judge’s panels for figures.  


We reviewed the PowerPoint prepared by the Organizing Committee and offered a few small edits which were communicated to Diane Lachapelle.



The Commission (Judy, Rose and Heather) will serve as the Jury of Appeal



Synchro Canada will select the athletes to do the athletes and officials oaths in English and French; Zone 1 and 2 will select an athlete and an official to do the oath in Spanish.



The referee and assistant referee will both be on the same side; the referee will blow the whistle



We were disappointed to learn we have only have 15 judges plus 1 practice judge.  This makes  setting up 4 panels of 5 judges for figures difficult.  To achieve this, 3 TSSC members (Ana, Victoria and Ana Maria) will judge as well as the practice judge and Ginny Jasontek.



Routine Panels will consist of 6 judges and a reserve (who will also be seated on the platform)


Judges will flash marks for pre swimmers only; otherwise all marks will be submitted on paper with the panel scores and routine score announced after the following swimmer.  For Finals, the athletes will wait for their scores before we proceed with the next competitor.


Synchro Canada was not able to set up a wireless network to allow the figures competition to use paper scoring; we will use flashcards and read the scores.  



Where we need pre swimmers in Finals, they will be the next highest scoring athlete from the preliminaries of each event.



For the Managers Meeting the referees for each category were paired up with another TSSC member to try and complete this task quickly.  We will make ourselves available for bathing suit checks as needed.



Full results will not be printed for all federations; instead results will be available on the Synchro Canada web site and posted as each event is completed.  Heather will follow up to ensure the results are forwarded for posting on the UANA website as they are released.  Detailed results (showing the individual judges scores) will be distributed by email at the conclusion of the competition.


  1. Adoption of the Agenda:  we noted there was a lot on our agenda and that we might be meeting during breaks in the competition or detailing with some matters by email instead of in person.
  1. Business arising from the UANA TSSC Minutes of August 2010 – items below are from the Meeting Task List that do not appear in this Agenda
  • Profiles for UANA Website:  Heather reported that while has she has received some, she has not prepared a list yet of who’s profile is missing.  We noted we do still want to have a picture page and the profiles on the UANA web site.   ACTION:  Heather to complete this task
  • Synchro Map:  Heather reported that some updates were done but nothing else has been done with the map (which is really a database of Synchro activity in the Americas at this poin)t.  Judy and Leslie suggested we take it to the next step by creating an actual map and noting our UANA activity in the past 4 years – we will include our UANA Pan Am competitions and clinics, FINA Judges schools held in the Americas, FINA competitions held in the Americas, and FINA clinics held in the Americas.  This map will form a PowerPoint and be part of our report to the UANA Congress to be held in Guadalajara on October 17 during the Pan American Games.  ACTION:  Heather will compile the data; Leslie will recruit a colleague to create the actual map.   *Our report is due to UANA by September 12th.  
  • UANA Synchro Database:   the Coaches Subcommittee has started the UANA Pan Am results section of this database and are developing a bio and picture page for coaches at this 2011 competition; this is something that could be developed for the judges too.  Beyond that we have not taken any steps to develop this database; further discussion is needed.    Action:  Heather to find out what the capacity of the UANA website is to host more materials/resources.   
  1. Reports:

A] President:          Report deferred due to Rose’s absence


B] UANA Liaison:      Judy noted the 2011 UANA Masters competition are in Brazil this October and that the 2013 UANA Masters were recently awarded to the USA; will both include Synchro.


She attended the UANA meeting in Shanghai prior to the FINA Congress (held in conjunction with the World Aquatic Championships); the constitution and bylaws amendments were passed at the Congress.    



Judy also noted that UANA now has an office based out of the USA Swimming and that incoming UANA President Coaracy Nunes Filho is working to secure marketing sponsorships to support the work of UANA.



The UANA Convention is to be held the first three years of the Pan American Games quadrennium, i.e. 2012, 2013, 2014



C] Coaches Sub Committee: an agenda has been developed for a meeting with the coaches in attendance for the competition; the meeting will follow the Managers meeting.  The subcommittee has also organized and will lead the clinic attached to this competition.



Zone 1 and 2 coaches have indicated the need for more education with the concept of a Coaches School suggested.   There was enthusiasm to pursue this concept amongst committee members; we discussed on-line concepts to share resources and learn and noted the need to contact FINA regarding the work they have begun in coaching certification.  ACTION:  the Coaches Subcommittee will continue working further on the Coaches School concept and bring more information back to the TSSC.



[Note: During the competition we met as a TSSC to review a draft plan for the Coaches School; the TSSC supports the concept but would like to see a budget developed to accompany the proposal.  We discussed the need for the Coaching Sub Committee to meet to do more work on the proposal – one strategy is to meet in Seattle at Charlotte’s if Judy can secure funding from UANA.  The goal would be to have a proposal ready to present to the UANA Executive at the PAG.  If a working meeting is not possible prior to PAG, we could request another day at PAG to do this work



We confirmed we want to see that any plan accepted must be sustainable if we are to increase in athlete performance in the Americas; we also see that this Coaches School should ideally be offered in partnership (i.e. UANA, FINA and the host federations).



The Coaches Sub Committee will share development of the Coaches School Proposal by email with the rest of the TSSC.   ACTION:  Leslie]



Leslie promoted the concept of planning a UANA education cycle over a 4 year period: as an example....


Year 1:  technical changes would be the focus (following the FINA Technical Congress)

Year 2:  Judges School

Year 3:  Coaches School

Year 4:  could focus on sport administration, competition management skills development, etc.


We noted any education planning should strive to develop federations in all the components needed to provide a successful athlete experience in our sport.  Ana mentioned the need to ‘export’ coaches and judges from Canada and the USA to help build Synchro in Zones 1 and 2; it was noted there are people available if invited and funded.   




D] Judges Sub Committee:  Barbara circulated the latest UANA Judges List and evaluation database prior to the meeting; she noted there are 187 judges on the list and evaluations from non UANA events are starting to come in more routinely along with nomination forms.




She noted several UANA federations missed the deadline with FINA to list their judges for 2011; a few have since sent in their paperwork.  ACTION:  Heather to send a reminder to UANA federations with FINA Judges to submit their forms on time.



Ana Maria requested 2 names be removed from Brazil’s list and Heather noted 1 should be removed from Canada’s.  Barbara asked each federation to send an official note requesting these deletions.  ACTION:  Ana Maria and Heather to follow up with their respective federations



Heather mentioned that Asia no longer maintains a separate list for their continental organization; all judges are nominated to FINA only.  We agreed that we wanted to maintain our UANA List.



Ana Maria noted how important it was to have a FINA Evaluator at Open competitions in the Americas; Heather mentioned the significant support FINA gives UANA in terms of funding Evaluators and that we are fortunate to have 2 non continental Evaluators for our UANA Pan Ams and the Pan Am Games this year.   Patricia noted that she is missing an evaluation on her record.  Heather shared that FINA will host a 1 day Evaluator training session immediately after the Olympic Qualifier; federations will be responsible for the costs of their Evaluators attending.



Judges Behaviour Guidelines document has not been started but our discussion helped provide some more focus to this task.  The need for it to respect the variety of cultural norms in the Americas was noted.   ACTION:  Judges Sub Committee under Barbara’s leadership




    E] Competition Planning:     





It was noted that Chile is hosting a FINA Development Clinic at the same time as our 2011 UANA Pan Am Synchro Championships.  On investigation we noted they had this clinic scheduled prior to our completion date being set.  We agreed that we need to check the FINA website re competitions, clinics, etc that might conflict before we set our dates.  ACTION:  Heather to draft a brief note of apology to go the federation [decision made during the competition].




We also want to increase awareness in our Synchro federations about the potential funding available to host clinics, etc.  We also noted we need to continue telling FINA that more flexibility in how their FINA Development $ can be used would be advantageous.  Action:  Judy to develop a write up outlining the various sources of funding, etc. for circulation. We noted it would be valuable to develop a complimentary document to encourage federations to think strategically in how best to apply for these funds i.e. pairing educational opportunities (clinics, Judges Schools, etc) to competitions where possible so the learning is more applied, accessible and economically beneficial.




  1. 2011 Pan American Games:  Judy reported on the May Site Visit and distributed her report to USAS.  The report and action list prepared by Heather as a result of the visit has been sent to UANA and to Norma Plata, Synchro Coordinator for the PAG’s.  Heather walked through the report and noted many of the action items have been done – equipment list submitted, clarification of entries, practice schedule form submitted, TSSC accreditation details submitted, call for Practice Judge nominations circulated  




We noted we still do not have answers to a number of questions. [Note:  during the UANA Pan Am’s Norma contacted us and requested a list of questions we wish further information on to take with her to a meeting the next day; Heather provided this list in consultation with Rose and Judy; TSSC was sent the email as well]



Heather will ensure Norma is copied on all relevant emails regarding the PAG from the TSSC.  We noted Tomas can help us as well.



The judges have not been confirmed.  Some may wish to apply for a practice judge position but that is difficult to do when they don’t know who is selected. [Note: during the UANA Pan Am’s, Eldon indicated by email that the judges were confirmed as nominated and that we should notify they and ask them to be in touch with their federations for further information from COPAG.  ACTION:  Heather to notify the judges by email


The call for Practice Judges went out in early August with applications due September 1; Rose, Heather, Judy and Barbara set some criteria for selection and a cap of 8 practice judges (2 per Zone).  The selected practice judges will be notified as quickly as possible afterwards so they can make their arrangements.  ACTION:  Heather to notify judges and forward their names to COPAG for accreditation/day passes.


Barbara is confirmed as the Referee



We confirmed that we want 6 judges per panel and 1 reserve.  ACTION:  Heather to communicate this to MLS



TSSC Tasks at PAG 2011:  ACTION:  at the Committee’s direction, Heather will draft up a schedule of assignments



Entries:  we do not know if all who qualified have registered; where there may be a space available, the Zone organization is responsible for any alternate entries



Results:  final results format is unknown in terms of paper, memory stick, on line, or???



Score board:  results displayed to the audience and media at FINA events so far are not readily understandable.  We had a wide ranging discussion on possible formats for the results screens that go up and ended up with the following suggestion to be presented to the UANA Executive:



Artistic Impression Score:  Panel Average Score
Choreography            9.3
Music Interpretation n         9.2
Manner of Presentation     9.0

    Technical Merit Score: ????






Technical Merit:  Panel Average Score
Execution        8.7
Synchronization     9.2
Difficulty        9.0

    Technical Merit Score: &*()





That the screen show the Technical Merit panel average score for each of Execution, Synchronization and Difficulty components  i.e  8.7     9.2     9.0    then composite score for that panel.  Artistic Impression would be displayed the same way, with the composite score for that panel and then the total Routine Score.                             




Technical Merit:  Panel Average Score
Execution        8.7
Synchronization     9.2
Difficulty        9.0

    Technical Merit Score:  ????























    ACTION:  Judy to take this forward to the Executive for approval and implementation





  1. UANA Championships





  • Hosting for 2012-2016
  • 2012 Cali, Colombia:  Colombia proposed September in their bid but we noted that the date needs to be set around the Olympic Games and FINA Junior Worlds.  FINA rules say 30 days apart is required
  • 2013: bids are still open and interest is being expressed by several federations in Zone 2 and 1 in Zone 1; schedule must accommodate World Aquatic Championships
  • 2014 Riverside, California, USA: schedule must accommodate Junior Worlds
  • 2015: bids still open – while normally it would be Canada’s turn, they have hosted 2 events in the past 4 years and will also be hosting the Pan Am Games so bids are open to all Zones for this year; schedule must accommodate World Aquatic Championships and Pan American Games


We also agreed that in our Bid Documents we should note our preferred time period for this competition is at the end of July through the month of August.



Our formal meeting time ended at this point; the incomplete items on our Agenda will hopefully be dealt with by email and/or at the Pan Am Games when we convene again.






    1. UANA TSSC Operations Manual

  – Competitor numbers for Free Combination and other exceptions to FINA rules


    1. 2012 Calendar of Competitions
    1. 2016 Pan Am Games



3] Communications:  



  • UANA Synchro Calendar:  we will add the major Zone and FINA events in separate columns to the next calendar    ACTION:  Heather


4] Strategic Plan:   

  • 2010-2011 Update
  • 2011-2012 Goals



5] Other Business:


  • Competition Wrap up Meeting